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Economic Damages Experts – HSNO is the Forensics Firm

Economic Damages Experts – HSNO is the Forensics Firm.  Economic Damages Experts - HSNO is a CPA firm specializing in Financial Damages.  The Dallas office of HSNO has five CPA testifying experts who specialize in the calculation of financial damages in most areas including commercial lost profits, personal lost earnings, business valuations, insurance litigation, intellectual properties and contract disputes.  HSNO is qualified in most industries including, but not limited to; energy, manufacturing, hospitality, service, insurance, transportation, entertainment, product li

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10/01/2019 (8 months)

Forensic accounting and investigative professionals

At trial, when the stakes are high, expert witness testimony can give you the edge. RSM’s financial advisory professionals work with counsel and participate in trials and depositions as expert witnesses in financial and valuation disputes. They have significant experience in a full range of industries, and can provide trial exhibits and expert reports. To build and support your case, we use databases of industry financial metrics and trade associations, recognized texts on damages, academic research, electronic databases and financial modeling.

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02/06/2018 (1 month)
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