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Economic Damages Experts – HSNO is the Forensics Firm.

Economic Damages Experts – HSNO is the Forensics Firm.  The Dallas office of HSNO has six CPA testifying experts who specialize in the calculation of economic damages in areas such as commercial lost profits, personal lost earnings, business valuations, property damage, insurance litigation, intellectual properties, commercial litigation, contract disputes, bankruptcy, and fraud.

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11/12/2017 (6 months)

Economic Damages Experts

Economic Damages Experts - Thomas Roney has more than twenty five years’ experience providing economic consulting services, expert reports and expert testimony in court, deposition and arbitration. His firm specializes in the calculation of economic damages in personal injury, wrongful death, employment, commercial litigation, IP, and business valuation matters. Mr. Roney and his experienced team of economic, accounting and finance experts can help you with a variety of litigation services.

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16/12/2017 (6 months)

Energy Acquisitions

Energy Acquisition(s):  I buy any size royalty(ies), mineral(s) , working interest(s) and try to reach (and pay) the sellers asking price.  I am a licensed attorney and have been making oil and gas purchases for 35 +/- years.  

E-mail to or call Kirk Leitch or Brenda Phillips at 1-800-760-9890 or 214-720-9890 for a friendly and quick analysis and response.

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14/09/2017 (3 months)
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