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Bench Bar Conference Commitee

Bench Bar Conference

Assists in planning and organizing the annual DBA Bench/Bar Conference attended by DBA members and the judiciary. The 2019 Bench Bar Conference is September 25-27 at Horseshoe Bay Resort. For more information, email Rhonda Thornton.


This committee generally meets the second Wednesday of the month.

Committee Contacts:

Co-Chair (Lead) - Hon. Jennifer Bennett -
Co-Chair (Lead) - Hon. Martin Hoffman -
Co-Chair (Lead) - Jennifer King -
Co-Chair (Lead) - Brian Lauten -
Co-Chair Brian Benitez -
Co-Chair Jason Freeman -
Co-Chair Derek Gilliland -
Co-Chair Elizabeth Griffin -
Co-Chair Kathleen (Kate) Kilanowski - 
Co-Chair Susan Motley -
Co-Chair Kimberly Sims -
Co-Chair Christopher Trowbridge -
Co-Vice Chair Chad Baruch -
Co-Vice Chair Hon. D'Metria Benson -
Co-Vice Chair Chip Brooker -
Co-Vice Chair Raymond Fischer -
Co-Vice Chair LaKeisha Forte Wells -
Co-Vice Chair Gemma Galeoto -
Co-Vice Chair Hon. Lisa Green -
Co-Vice Chair Dean Gresham -
Co-Vice Chair & Board Advisor Hon. Audrey Moorehead -
Co-Vice Chair Rhonda Thompson -

Staff Liaison Rhonda Thornton -

Committee Admin-Webpage

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