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Law Day Commitee

Law Day

The committee plans and implements the DBA Annual Law Day activities, including offering Art, Editorial, Essay and Photo contests for the students who attend the Dallas ISD (contests vary by grade levels), a luncheon and a recruitment of legal professionals to speak to classrooms (May).


Law Day 2014 Theme Announced!
American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters

The Law Day celebrations have been a great success. Each year, we offer a variety of contests for Dallas ISD students to participate in: Art (offered to all elementary schools), Essay (offered to all sixth, seventh and eighth graders) and Photography (offered to all middle/high school students). High Schools are also invited to see a mock voire dire at the courthouse. And finally, approximately 300+ Lawyers and Judges attend the Law Day Judicial Luncheon.

More information on the 2014 Law Day Luncheon coming soon!

For additional information about Law Day - a program started by the ABA - and also for speaking materials, visit:

Please contact the Chair(s) for information on the next meeting date & program activities. Get involved with Law Day!

2014 Committee Contacts:
Chair Mandy Childs-
Co Vice-Chair Rob Bogdanowicz -
Co Vice-Chair Kristen Cox-
Board Advisor Krisi Kastl -
Staff Liaison Kimberlynn Taylor -

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