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LegalLine Committee

Committee members volunteer to join a team of lawyers anonymously answering legal questions over the phone for the bi-monthly DBA LegalLine program at the Belo, and assist in recruiting volunteers outside the committee to attend LegalLine.

Individual attorney volunteers or groups are needed to answer calls the 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 5:15 to 8:00 pm. Contact one of the officers below to get involved!

The LegalLine hotline serves as this committee's "monthly meeting."

Committee Contacts:

Co-Lead Chair Daniel O'Brien -
Co-Lead Chair Minoo (Sobhani) Blaesche -

Co-Chair Steven Bartz -
Co-Chair Beth Hearn -
Co-Chair Jennifer Vermillion - 

Vice-Chair Farrah Ahmed -
Vice-Chair Steve Besly -
Vice-Chair Alex Farr -
Vice-Chair Latisha Parham -
Vice-Chair Anjulie Ponce -

Board Advisor Karen McCloud -
Board Advisor Monica Lira Bravo -

Staff Liaison Mary Ellen Johnson-

Committee Admin-Webpage

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