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Memorial and History Committee

The Memorial & History Committee is charged with carrying out the oldest tradition of the Dallas Bar Association.

On February 3, 1875, the Dallas Bar Association met during court recess to pass a resolution of condolence for the death of Colonel H.H. Sneed, a fellow bar member, beginning a tradition of memorials that continues to the present day.  The lawyers resolved that each member of the bar would wear “the usual badge of memory” (presumably a black armband) for thirty days

This tradition continues 137 years later--without the arm bands!

The Committee members research and prepare memorial resolutions honoring DBA members who have passed away during the prior year, and it conducts a memorial observance at the DBA Annual Meeting each November. Formal copies of the resolutions printed on parchment are sent to the family of the deceased. The resolutions are also posted in digital form on the DBA web site as a permanent honor and so they can be viewed by DBA members as well as the public. Click here to see the resolutions.

From time to time, the Committee also engages in various projects related to preservation of the history of the DBA and the Belo Mansion.


This committee does not hold regular monthly meetings.

Committee Contacts:

Chair John Alan Goren, (214) 739-3216 -
Co-Vice Chair Mary Ann Beaty -
Co-Vice Chair Mike McGaughran -
Board Advisor Jonathan Childers -
Staff Liaison Yedenia Hinojos -

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