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Morris Harrell Professionalism Committee

Promotes and implements programs to enhance professionalism.

Committee Meetings:

Please check the DBA calendar for meeting dates and times.


To learn more about the DBA's Transition to Law Practice Program, click here to watch an introductory video to the program by Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan Hecht.

Missed a Program on Professionalism? Visit the DBA’s Online CLE catalog.

DBA Trial Academy

The Trial Academy is a hands-on civil trial skills training program intended to improve advocacy skills for solo and small firm lawyers licensed five years or less through a combination of lectures and demonstrations by seasoned attorneys and live exercises by participants. It is jointly sponsored by the Trial Skills Section and the Morris Harrell Professionalism Committee. For more information, contact Kathryn Zack.

Committee Contacts:

Chair Amber Reece -
Co-Vice Chair Andrew Jones -
Co-Vice Chair Ruth Mitchell -
Board Advisor Amy M. Stewart -
Staff Liaison Kathryn Zack-

Committee Admin-Webpage


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