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Real Property Law Section

The Real Property Section aims to advance the objectives of the Dallas Bar Association within the field of real property by providing educational resources and philanthropic opportunities to its members.


Meeting Schedule:

Monthly Meetings of the Real Property Law Section are held on the 2nd Monday of each month at noon at the Dallas Bar Association headquarters.
For more information, email

Upcoming programs:

Monday December 8:  Legal Research Services and Resources Provided by the State Bar of Texas - Edward T. Hart, Jessica Haseltine and Jennifer Wondracek



Check with the Community Involvement Committee page for ongoing opportunities.

2015 Section Officers:

Chair: Sara J. Evans
Sara J. Evans, Attorney at Law - Commercial Real Estate
14160 Dallas Parkway, Suite 800
Dallas, Texas 75254
(214) 389-2430 |

Vice Chair: Benjamin F.S. Herd
Thompson & Knight LLP
One Arts Plaza
1722 Routh Street, Suite 1500
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 969-1184 | b

Secretary: William "Bill" R. Weinberg
Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, P.C.
2001 Bryan Street, Ste. 1800
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 871-2111 |

Treasurer: Jennifer Taylor Fargo
Thompson & Knight LLP
1722 Routh Street, Ste. 1500
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 969-2550|

Immediate Past Chair: David L. Pratt
Kane Russell Coleman & Logan PC
3700 Thanksgiving Tower, 1601 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 777-4272 |

Board Advisor: Laura Benitez Geisler
Geisler Law Firm
3811 Turtle Creek Blvd., Ste. 1400
Dallas, Texas 75219
(214) 651-4200 |

Resource Links

State Bar of Texas:  Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law Section -   (membership required)


Section Membership


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Real Property Law Section, please send a letter of request and a $25.00 membership fee to:


2101 Ross Ave
Dallas TX, 75201


Please note that you must be a member of the Dallas Bar Association to join a section. If you have any questions regarding sections membership, please contact the membership department at the Dallas Bar.


Section Admin-Mass E-mail/Roster

Section Admin-Webpage (coming soon)


Section Downloads:

Attachment Size
July 2014 - Legal Editing 2.74 MB
June 2014 - Dynamics Influencing Cap Rates 3.27 MB
May 2014 - Conservation Easements 637.96 KB
April 2014 - What do you mean you aren't my lawyer? 42 KB
March 2014 - Securities Law Issues for Real Estate Lawyers 984.32 KB
February 2014 - They want to do it cheap and then they're in deep 38.78 KB
January 2014 - Weatherbie Case Update 424.9 KB
dba-re_-_barry_knight_december_2013.pdf 648.62 KB
2013_Oct._texas_commercial_endorsements_-_final.Lee Cox.pdf 668.87 KB
2013_September _lien_law_update_Kennedy.pdf 88.65 KB
2013 _July_Conservation and Facade easements Joel Crouch.pdf 1.4 MB
2013 June bc_-survey_procedures_03182013_handout.pdf 13.93 MB
2013_April_-"Lease Accounting Speech".pdf 287.01 KB
2013_April_-"Preparing for the Lease Acccounting Rule Changes".pdf 410.36 KB
2013_march_negotiating_non-recourse_carve-outs_in_light_of_recent_court_decisions.pdf 210.21 KB
2013_January_"Case Law Update" by David A. Weatherbie.pdf 491.33 KB
2012_December_"Promising to be Prudent: A Private Law Approach to Mortgage Loan Regulation in Common-Interest Communities" by Professor Julie Forrester 993.35 KB
2012_November_"Ethical Issues In Representing Multiple Clients In Real Estate Transactions" by Professor Fred Moss of SMU.pdf 121.09 KB
2012_October_"Practical Responses to Accessibility Litigation" by Richard M. Hunt.pdf 641.81 KB
2012_September_"Landlord/Tenant Inssues in Bankruptcy Case" by Jason B. Binford.pdf 288.78 KB
2012_July_"New World of Mortgage Regulation" by Barry D. Johnson of SettlePou 329.85 KB
2012_June_ "Foreclosure" - Rule 735 and 736 by Mike Baggett and G. Tommy Bastian 357.71 KB
2012_May_ "Changes in Texas Indemnity and Mechanics' Lien Law" by Michael F. Albers 317.06 KB
2012_April_ "Title Insurance Related Legislation" by Peter Graf 2.82 MB
2012_March_ Growing Pains, Working through the 2011 ALTA Survey Standards by James Brown of Bock & Clark 1.71 MB
2012_February_“Government Incentives for Development” by Shupe and Ventura 245.5 KB
2012_January_ "Case Law Update" by David A. Weatherbie 535.24 KB
2011_December_THE TEXAS SERIES LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY - a Valuable New Option and a Coming Trend or Too Many Unanswered Questions 12-12-11 597.5 KB
2011_November_ 82nd Legislature Final Regular Session Update 729.49 KB
2011_October_ Oil and Gas Primer for the Real Estate Practitioner 2.76 MB
2011_September_ Vapor Intrusion Progression Timeline 86.4 KB
2011_September_ Vapor Intrusion Pathway Potential Scenarios Figure 709.84 KB
2011_September_presentation.pdf 162.73 KB
2011_September_powerpoint_figures.ppt 1.67 MB
2011_September_epa_vi_conceptual_site_model.pdf 1.54 MB
2011_September_environmental_acronyms_-_jill_kotvis.pdf 47.52 KB
2011_September_basic_conceptual_site_model_csm_figure.pdf 1.96 MB
2011_July_dallas_bar_association_real_property_section.pps 4.02 MB
2011_June_written_in_reverse_final.ppt 8.78 MB
2011_May_basic_real_estate_insurance_terms.pdf 625.99 KB
2011_April_commercial_real_estate_market_overview.pdf 114.01 KB
2011_April_cw_-_dallas_bar_association_commercial_re_market_update.pdf 2.11 MB
2011_March_technology_presentation.mighell_mullen.pdf 8.49 MB
2011_February_real_estate.court_.records.update.pdf 73.95 KB
2011_January_case_law_update_david_weatherbie.pdf 533.88 KB
2010_November_acquisitions_and_dispositions_of_non-performing_and_sub-performing_mortgage_loans.pdf 4.4 MB
2010_October_receiverships_revisited.pdf 15.47 MB
2010_September_reasonable_enforcement_of_deed_restrictions.pdf 2.12 MB
2010_July_using_reits_to_raise_capital_and_acquire_real_estate.ppt 685 KB
2010_June_residential_real_estate_update.pdf 169.68 KB
2010_May_the_brave_new_world_of_mediation.pdf 23.98 KB
2010_April_non-judicial_real_property_foreclosures_legal_considerations__documentation.pdf 6.46 MB
2010_weatherbie_case_update.pdf 251.23 KB
2009_September_texas_municipal_setting_designations_john_slavich.pdf 963.74 KB


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