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Trial Skills Section

Trial Skills Section

The Trial Skills Section is devoted to the art, science and practice of trial advocacy. The Section promotes the continuing advancement of trial skills of members of the legal community by the open exchange of ideas, continuing legal education, communication between the bar and bench, and the mutual respect and collegiality between members of the bar.

Section Meetings:

The Trial Skills Section generally meets at the Belo on the second Friday of each month for CLE presentations, which are free to our members. 

DBA Trial Academy

The Trial Academy is a hands-on civil trial skills training program intended to improve advocacy skills for solo and small firm lawyers licensed five years or less through a combination of lectures and demonstrations by seasoned attorneys and live exercises by participants. It is jointly sponsored by the Trial Skills Section and the Morris Harrell Professionalism Committee. To apply for the 2017 DBA Trial Academy, click here. Deadline to apply is January 31. Questions? Contact Kathryn Zack.

Videos of the lectures and demonstrations from the Trial Academy will be accessible by non-Trial Academy participants as they become available for viewing. The lectures and demonstrations cover voir dire, opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, and closing arguments. To watch the available Trial Academy Videos, click here.

Section News:

DBA Trial Skills Section

March 10, 2017


Belo Mansion

The Dallas Jury...What Are They Thinking?

Join us for this CLE discussing a survey of 1,000 Dallas County jurors and comparing demographic data to their responses to various questions - this CLE promises to give you insight into what, how, why the jurors think to help you when you next select a jury.

Presented by Emily McDonald, Ph.D. - Bloom Strategic Consulting

About Dr. Emily McDonald

With a background in sociology and social psychology, Emily McDonald, PhD uses social science to identify the factors that effect and influence juror decision-making in the courtroom. Dr. McDonald has critically analyzed data produced in over a hundred mock jury studies conducted nationwide and translates the findings revealed in each jury study to offer insight and understanding to counsel about the way trial jurors will likely view the case. She provides strategic implications and recommendations to refine and effectively communicate case strategy and key case concepts.


Section Officers:

Name: David Kent
Officer Position: Chair
Company: Sedgwick, LLP
Company Address: 1717 Main Street, Ste. 5400
Company City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 469-227-8200

Name: Mary Scott
Officer Position: Vice Chair
Firm: Spencer Scott pllc
Firm Address: 5420 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 300
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75240
Business Phone: 972.458.5302

Name: Shonn Brown
Officer Position: Secretary
Firm: Lynn Pinker Cox & Hurst
Firm Address: 2100 Ross Avenue, Ste. 2700
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 214-981-3807

Name: Quentin Brogdon
Officer Position: Treasurer
Firm: Crain Lewis Brogdon
Firm Address: 3400 Carlisle, Ste. 200
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75204
Business Phone: 214.522.9404

Name: Britta Stanton
Officer Position: Immediate Past Chair
Firm: Lynn Tillotson Pinker and Cox, LLP
Firm Address: 2100 Ross Avenue, Suite 2700
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 214.981.3828

Name: Natalie Arbaugh
Officer Position: Director
Firm: Fish & Richardson, P.C.
Firm Address: 1717 Main Street, Suite 5000
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 214.747.5070

Name: John Cox
Officer Position: Director
Firm: John M. Cox & Associates, P.C.
Firm Address: 325 N. St. Paul Street, Ste. 2350
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 214.939.9000

Name: Aimee Fagan
Officer Position: Director
Firm: McKool Smith P.C.
Firm Address: 300 Crescent Court, Suite 1500
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 214.978.4000

Name: Michael Hurst
Officer Position: Director
Firm: Gruber Hurst Elrod Johansen Hail Shank, LLP
Firm Address: 1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 2500
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75202
Business Phone: 214.855.6800

Name: Edwin Krieger
Officer Position: Director
Firm: Edwin P. Krieger, P.C.
Firm Address: 4123 Prescott Avenue
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75219
Business Phone: 214.478.2012

Name: Bill Mateja
Officer Position: Director
Firm: Polsinelli PC
Firm Address: 2950 N. Harwood Street, Ste. 52100
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 214-754-5751

Name: Judge Irma Ramirez
Officer Position: Director
Firm: U.S. Magistrate Judge
Firm Address: 1100 Commerce Street, Room 1567
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75242
Business Phone: 214.753.2393

Name: Amy Stewart
Officer Position: Director
Firm: Amy Stewart PC
Firm Address: 5307 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 475
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, Texas 75206
Business Phone: 214.233.7076

Name: Victor Vital
Officer Position: Director
Firm: Barnes & Thornburg LLP
Firm Address: 2100 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1250
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75201
Business Phone: 214.593.7136

Name: Robert Tobey
Officer Position: Board Advisor
Firm: Johnston Tobey Baruch, P.C.
Firm Address: 3308 Oak Grove Avenue
Firm City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75204
Business Phone: 214.741-6260

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Section Membership


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Trial Skills Section, please click here to join online or send a letter of request and the $25.00 membership fee to:
2101 Ross Ave
Dallas TX, 75201
Please note that you must be a member of the Dallas Bar Association to join a section. If you have any questions regarding sections membership, please contact the DBA membership department.

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For questions regarding Section email/roster/webpage, email Jessica Smith or call 214-220-7477.  


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