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E-Mentoring Committee

Since 2004, the Dallas Bar Association (DBA) has teamed up with the Dallas Independent School District to create the “E-mentoring Program” – connecting lawyers and other professionals with high school students in email-based mentoring relationships.  With the goal of encouraging students to succeed in school, graduate, and go to college through the ease of email, our mentors make a big impact with a relatively small time commitment.

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About E-Mentoring

Overview: E-mentoring provides an opportunity for busy professionals to provide guidance and mentoring to Dallas ISD students.  It connects business and legal volunteers with students at our participating schools with the mission of encouraging students to stay in school, graduate, and go to college.  E-Mentoring seeks to make an impact on alarmingly low graduation rates and college-entry among economically-disadvantaged youth.  The program suggests weekly emailing and also organizes a few additional events.  

The four Dallas ISD schools currently supported by the program include:

History: The E-Mentoring Program was created in 2004 by a group of attorneys who wanted to help better prepare the youth in their community for the world.  Realizing that many legal professionals, who were already busy in their profession and community organizations, would not able to make the commitment necessary for a face-to-face relationship, E-Mentoring was born! It started with 45 e-mentors and 45 students at W.W. Samuel High School.  Over the years, the program has worked with over 1,000 students in many local schools.  Today, the Dallas Bar Association (DBA) and the Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD) work together to make E-mentoring a success for approximately 400 students and 250 mentors.

How Are Schools Selected Each Year?  Each summer, the E-Mentoring Committee selects the Dallas ISD schools that will participate in the upcoming school year. Schools that are eligible must participate in the “Advancement Via Individual Determination” Program (AVID), a college readiness program that focuses on the least served students of the community or in their school’s law or criminal justice magnet program. Many students that participate in the program plan on being the first in their families to graduate from college.

2015 Committee Contacts:

Co-Chair Krista Hanvey-
Co-Chair Ashley Sissell -
Vice Chair Michael Olvera -
Staff Liaison Kimberlynn Taylor -

For a listing of all Dallas Bar Association E-Mentoring Committee members please contact Staff Liaison, Kimberlynn Taylor.

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