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Judicial Evaluation Poll

For over 30 years the Dallas Bar Association has conducted judicial evaluation polls of its membership during non-election (odd) years. 

Dallas Bar Association members are asked to evaluate judicial performance based on personal, firsthand knowledge of the judges that they obtained  within the  preceding four years that is of such a degree that the attorney is reasonably able to evaluate the judge’s performance.

The poll contains questions about whether a judge is prepared for hearings and trials, issues opinions and orders without unnecessary delay, is impartial, demonstrates adequate knowledge of the law, and demonstrates a proper judicial temperament and demeanor. 

Only judges who have served in a judicial office at least one year are included in the poll. Visiting judges (judges who fill in temporarily) are included in the poll, regardless of the time they may have served in a judicial capacity.

Results are available on the Dallas Bar Association website. 

For the Judicial Evaluation Poll, click here.

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