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DBA COVID19-Announcements

Message from DBA President

Click here to see the most recent message from DBA President Aaron Tobin (March 18, 2021).


COVID 19 Protocols for George Allen, April 2021

George Allen Jury Trial Calendar

New additions to the COVID Community Outreach webpage:

The J.L. Turner Legal Association is asking for DFW area attorney willing to provide pro bono and/or reduced rate legal services for individuals impacted by the social justice protest events in Dallas. Click here for more information.

Stability Tools for Employment and Economic Resilience, is an advisory program that seeks to assist young lawyers and recent graduates with employment and career stability following the outbreak of COVID-19. If you have been furloughed, are concerned you might be or are just starting your career and are finding it difficult to land employment, this program will connect you with Dallas’ most experienced and well connected lawyers who will be available in an advisory capacity to help you navigate a difficult market and changing times. Click here to learn more or to sign up.

DBA Launches Police, Fire, and Medical Personnel Planning Forms

LegalLine E-Clinic April 14

DVAP Virtual Clinic - April 15: UNT Dallas College of Law and DVAP have partnered to hold a virtual clinic on Thursday, April 15, between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. If you would like to apply for legal assistance, please fill out this form: Once you have completed the form, expect an attorney to call you on April 15.