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Government Resources for DBA Members


The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act.

All Healthcare-Related Presidential Actions (Live Updates)

Executive Order on Prioritizing and Allocating Health and Medical Resources to Respond to the Spread of Covid-19 (03/18/2020): (Live Updates):

The President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America (03/16/2020):


General information and links (Live Updates):

Press Release re Executive Orders (03/19/2020):

Executive Order (03/19/2020):

Texas DSHS COVID-19 Information Page (Live Updates):

Northern District of Texas

General information and links, including COVID-19 notices (Live Updates):

Special Orders re Court Operations due to COVID-19 (Live Updates):

Southern District of Texas

General information and links (Live Updates):

Special and General orders re COVID-19 (Live Updates):

Western District of Texas

Orders and Other Guidance re COVID-19 (Live Updates):

Eastern District of Texas

General information and links, including COVID-19 notices (Live Updates):

All General Orders (Live Updates):

General Order 20-03 re Court Operations (03/16/2020):

General Order 20-04 re Targeted Visitor Restrictions (03/18/2020):

Dallas County

Dallas District Attorney Memo (03.24.3020)

Commissioners Court Orders and Declarations re COVID-19 (Live Updates):

All Press and Media Releases re COVID-19 (Live Updates):

Shelter-In-Place Order (03/22/2020)

A number of DBA members have asked whether the Dallas County shelter-in-place order mandates that attorneys work from home during the duration of the Order.  To that end, click here for a copy of the Order.  The only mention in the Order that specifically relates to Dallas County lawyers is the provision in Subsection 2(b)(vi) of the Order which states that:

“Professional services, such as legal or accounting services, when necessary to assist in compliance with legally mandated activities.”

This provision is contained within that section of the Order entitled:  “Essential Services Necessary to Maintain Essential Operations of Residences or Other Essential Businesses.”  In construing such provision, each attorney should read the totality of the Order and come to his or her own conclusion. 

Cancellation of Jury Trials for George Allen Civil Courthouse and all Justice of the Peace Courts for 30 Days (3/12/2020):

CHHS Information Page re COVID-19 (Live Updates):

Collin County

News Releases (Live Updates):

County Judge executive order suspending walk-in traffic at county buildings (03/20/20):

District Clerk suspends walk-in services at county courthouse (03/19/20):

County Judge issues disaster declaration for Collin County (03/16/20):

Tarrant County

COVID-19 Information Links (Live Updates):

Public Health COVID-19 Page (Live Updates):

Ellis County

COVID-19 Information and Links (Live Updates):

Proclamation and Orders from the County Judge (Live Updates):

Kaufman County

County News and Links (Live Updates):

Emergency Standing Order Regarding Possession Schedule During School Closures (3/18/2020):

Temporary Kaufman County Court Guidelines Regarding Health and Safety Concerns (3/18/2020):

General Standing Order Regarding Parent Visitation 422nd and 86th District Courts (3/18/2020):

Declaration of Local Disaster (3/18/2020):

Sheriff’s Dept. COVID-19 Directives (Live Updates):

City of Dallas

Sign up here to receive the Dallas County Coronavirus enewsletter. 

Dallas Resident Resource Guides - Dallas Residents Resource Guide (English), COVID-19 Guia de Recursos para Residentes 3 de Abril (Spanish)

Here are links to the latest FAQ documents regarding essential businesses for the stay-at-home ordersEnglish & Spanish

Press release announcing City of Dallas Coronavirus Task Force, April 13, 2020

COVID-19 General Information Page (Live Updates):

COVID-19 News and Information (Live Updates):

Mayor Eric Johnson Executive Orders and Updates re COVID-19 (03/19/2020):

Mayor Eric Johnson creates two ad hoc committees to address COVID-19 recovery efforts (03/17/2020):

Dallas City Manager puts emergency regulations in place (03/13/2020):

Dallas Facility Closures (Live Updates):