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{{#if events}} {{#events}}
  • {{moment startDate format='DD'}} {{moment startDate format='MMM'}}
  • {{{truncate title 60}}}

    • {{#compare allDayEvent '==' 0}} {{moment startDate format='h:ss a'}}{{/compare}}
    • {{#if Widget_Location}}{{#compare Widget_Location '!=' ''}} {{Widget_Location}}{{/compare}}{{/if}}
{{/events}} {{/if}}

Instructions for Adding the Code to Remove the Event Widget

  1. Locate the page on which you want to remove the widget under Website->Content->Pages
  2. Click to edit that page
  3. Add a new content block and name it 'Code to Hide Event Widget'
  4. Edit that new content block, click on Source and add the code located below
  5. Click Save Content
  6. Check to see if the Widget has been removed on the desired page

There is a second content block on this page that also holds a backup copy of this code. 

Do not attempt to edit this content block or the code below will go away. 

<style type="text/css">body > div.wrapper > section > div > div > div.upcoming-eventMain > div.Highlight {
display: none; }

#myDBA {
margin-top: 45px}