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Memorial Resolutions

On February 3, 1875, the Dallas Bar Association met during court recess to pass a resolution of condolence for the death of H.H. Sneed, a fellow bar member, beginning a tradition of memorials that continues to the present day. The lawyers resolved that each member of the bar would wear “the usual badge of memory” (presumably a black armband) for thirty days.

Since that time Dallas Bar Association through its Memorial and History Committee has maintained this tradition of preserving the life and legacy of its members.

The Memorial Resolutions are adopted by the membership at the Dallas Bar Association Annual Meeting on the first Friday in November.

The Memorial Resolutions are given to the families of all deceased Dallas Bar members. Below please find a list of those Dallas Bar members who have passed away recently. A copy of the Memorial Resolution sent to their family may be viewed by clicking the name.

Memorial Resolutions (DBA Annual Meeting 2019-present). Click here to view the archives. 

Reyburn Upshaw Anderson
October 3, 2019

Dr. Robert Marion Anderton
February 14, 2020

John Howard Boswell
October 14, 2019

Charles Lee Caperton
February 16, 2019

William Robert Cohrs
January 21, 2020

Benjamin Raye Collier
July 24, 2019

Hon. Billy Floyd Coker
January 30, 2020

Dan Duncan Davison
October 11, 2019

Robert Allen Fanning
November 2, 2019

Richard Albert Haan
September 14, 2019

Michael Krist Haines
January 21, 2020

Stanley George Harvey
February 23, 2020

Joel Held
March 17, 2019

John Walton Hicks
June 12, 2019

Darrell Eddy Jordan
January 30, 2019

Nat Mitchell Kenney, III
June 18, 2019

John Andrew Martin
October 29, 2019

Karen Danielle McCloud
April 9, 2020

Patrick Francis McGown
February 5, 2020

Patrick James Mulligan
May 1, 2019

William Robert Neil
May 29, 2019

Hon. John David Ovard
August 2, 2019

Matthew John Papagolos
December 11, 2019

Michael Lewis Parham, Sr.
December 2, 2019

Hobert Price, Jr.
June 11, 2019

Thomas Alan Shiels
June 30, 2019

William Edward Taylor, III
March 1, 2020

Robert Hyer Thomas
February 9, 2020

Bruce Edward Turner
September 11, 2019

Brian Lockwood Webb
November 8, 2019

Jean Lynch White
July 10, 2019

Kelly Rule Yount
May 3, 2019