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Mock Trials
Below are older mock trials whose packets are free to download and use. 
If you would like to purchase one of the more recent packets, please click here to visit our store. 

1981 Otway v. Tite Security and Tom Burke (Civil)
Premises liability: assault of customer of a convenience store by private security guard
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1982 State v. William Jordan (Criminal)
Theft of a strand of pearls involving oral confession and refusal to sign written confession
Download Packet
1983 William Rayburn v. Curie Memorial Hospital (Civil)
Reverse sex discrimination case brought by male hospital nurse
Download Packet
1984 Pat Sims v. Chris Berling (Civil)
Consumer fraud involving high school student’s sale of a used automobile to fellow student
Download Packet
1985 In the Estate of Mildred Rodgers, Deceased (Civil)
Will contest by adult son claiming elderly mother was tricked into cutting him out of her will and leaving her entire estate to his in-laws
Download Packet
1986 In the Interest of Hope Putnam Johnson, a Child (Civil)
Child custody: Biological father seeks to regain custody of his daughter from her maternal grandparents, based upon claims of abuse and neglect
Download Packet
1987 State of Texoma v. Clifford T. Bryant, III (Criminal)
Delivery of 3/4 oz. of marijuana on school campus, with the teenage defendant raising defense of entrapment by undercover officer posing as a high school student
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1988 Felske v. Myer (Civil)
Social host liability: high school basketball star, who was injured while diving in a swimming pool at a victory party, sues hosts of party for serving alcohol to teenagers
Download Packet
1989 Bison City School District v. Ossicles (Civil)
Contract dispute between well-known rock band and local high school involving failure to perform according to contractual agreement and failure to pay
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1990 State of Texoma v. Patricia Ryan (Criminal)
Homicide of famous baseball player with "battered-wife syndrome" raised as defense
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1991 State of Texoma v. Jesse Goodall (Criminal)
Criminal prosecution for inciting a riot at a public demonstration to protest opening of a toxic waste disposal site
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1992 In the Matter of Jerry Spillers, a Child (Civil)
Termination of parental rights of a young single mother of a special needs child based upon claims of parental neglect
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1993 State of Texoma v. Jeffrey Hawthorne (Criminal)
Homicide of two known drug dealers where defendant claims self-defense based upon obscure law of "perceived threat"
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1994 Neighbors Against AIDS Homes (NAAH) v. The Jamie King Trust, Vic(kie) G. Knight, Trustee (Civil)
Injunction to close a group home established for persons with AIDS, on grounds that location of home within a residential neighborhood constituted a "public nuisance"
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1995 State of Texas v. Kelly O’Brien (Criminal)
Arson of a women’s health care center where an anti-abortion demonstration occurred
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1996 Wheaton v. Made in America (Civil)
Wrongful death suit against retail store for negligence in selling a handgun to the deceased, a mentally disabled person
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1997 State of Texoma v. Dorian Craig (Criminal)
Homicide prosecution arising from death of two individuals who were killed by the detonation of a bomb at the State Fairgrounds
Download Packet
1998 December Dewey v. Kelly Conway and KBAR Channel 10 Television, Inc. (Civil)
Defamation suit by prominent plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer against local investigative reporter for news story about lawyer’s handling of a mass tort case
Download Packet
1999 State of Texoma v. Aurora "Rory" Greenway (Criminal)
Criminal case based upon Texas author Larry McMurtry’s Terms of Endearment, wherein Aurora "Rory" Greenway is charged with the murder of her terminally ill daughter, Emma "Em" Greenway.
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