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The following committees are available for DBA Members to join at no cost. For more information, click here for a list of Committee descriptions or click the name below to contact an officer or staff liaison of the CommitteeClick the Committee name below to access the E-Community (must be a member of the Committee to access). To join a Committee, email membership@dallasbar.org

Admissions & Membership

Co-Chair: Aaron Borden
Co-Chair: Rebecca Nichols
Co-Vice Chair: Kate Morris
Co-Vice Chair: Lynne Nash
Board Advisor: Hon. Erin Nowell
Staff Liaison: Kim Watson

Bar None Production Company

Co-Chair: Martha Hardwick Hofmeister
Co-Chair: Tom Mighell
Co-Vice Chair: Mary Elizabeth Anderson
Co-Vice Chair: Matthew Anderson
Co-Vice Chair: Liza Farrow-Gillespie
Co-Vice Chair: Kent S. Hofmeister
Co-Vice Chair: Rhonda Hunter
Co-Vice Chair: Andy Jones
Board Advisor: Ashlei Gradney
Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Philipp

Bench Bar Conference

Co-Chair (Lead): Hon. Jennifer Bennett
Co-Chair (Lead): Hon. Martin Hoffman
Co-Chair (Lead): Jennifer King
Co-Chair (Lead): Brian Lauten
Co-Chair: Brian Benitez
Co-Chair: Jason Freeman
Co-Chair: Derek Gilliland
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Griffin
Co-Chair: Kathleen (Kate) Kilanowski
Co-Chair: Susan Motley
Co-Chair: Kimberly Sims
Co-Chair: Christopher Trowbridge
Co-Vice Chair: Chad Baruch
Co-Vice Chair: Hon. D'Metria Benson
Co-Vice Chair: Chip Brooker
Co-Vice Chair: Raymond Fischer
Co-Vice Chair: LaKeisha Forte Wells
Co-Vice Chair: Gemma Galeoto
Co-Vice Chair: Hon. Lisa Green
Co-Vice Chair: Dean Gresham
Co-Vice Chair/Board Advisor: Hon. Audrey Moorehead
Co-Vice Chair: Rhonda Thompson
Staff Liaison: Rhonda Thornton

Community Involvement

Co-Chair: Beth Johnson
Co-Chair: Chelsie Spencer
Vice Chair: Adam Swartz
Board Advisor: Chalon Clark
Staff Liasion: Grecia Alfaro

Continuing Legal Education

Co-Chair: Bruce Bowman
Co-Chair: Bill Siegel
Co-Vice Chair: Gabriel Reyes
Co-Vice Chair: Leroy Street
Board Advisor: Vicki Blanton
Staff Liaison: Yedenia Hinojos


Chair: Carl Roberts
Vice Chair: Elizabeth Lutton
Board Advisor: Robert Tobey
Staff Liaison: Biridiana Avina

Criminal Justice

Chair: Rob Cañas
Co-Vice Chair: Messina Madson
Co-Vice Chair: Kerry L. Pedigo
Co-Vice Chair: Megan Pionkowski
Co-Vice Chair: Ryne Sandel
Board Advisor: Bill Mateja
Staff Liaison: Viri Mejia


Co-Chair: James Greer
Co-Chair: Megan Pionkowski
Vice Chair: Brandy Chambers
Board Advisor: Krisi Kastl
Staff Liaison: Yedenia Hinojos

Fee Disputes

Chair: Andrew Jee
Board Advisor: Aaron Tobin
Staff Liaison: Alicia Hernandez

Golf Tournament

Co-Chair: Steven Aldous
Co-Chair: Jerry Fazio
Co-Chair: Brad Monk
Co-Vice Chair: David Kent
Co-Vice Chair: Ty Sheaks
Board Advisor: Dan Kelly
Staff Liaison: Rhonda Thornton

Home Project

(Links to Home Project Facebook page)
Co-Chair: Michael Bielby, Jr.
Co-Chair: David Fisk
Co-Vice Chair: Bradley Johnson
Co-Vice Chair: Greg McAllister
Board Advisor: Laura Benitez Geisler
Staff Liaison: Kimberly Watson
Staff Liaison for donations: Grecia Alfaro


Chair: Lindsey Rames
Co-Vice Chair: Hon. Audrey Moorehead
Co-Vice Chair: Amber Reece
Board Advisor: Hon. Maricela Moore
Staff Liaison: Kathryn Zack

Juvenile Justice

Co-Chair: Patricia Hogue
Co-Chair: Willis Ma
Co-Chair: Diane Sumoski
Board Advisor: Dan Kelly
Staff Liaison: Melissa Garcia

Law in the Schools & Community

Co-Chair: Kelli Gavin
Co-Chair: Mary Walters
Co-Vice Chair: Chad Baruch
Co-Vice Chair: LaKeisha Forte Wells
Board Advisor: Sarah Rogers
Staff Liaison: Melissa Garcia

Lawyer Referral Service

Chair/Board Advisor: Rocio Garcia Espinoza
Staff Liaison: Biri Avina

Legal Ethics

Chair: Jerry Hall
Vice Chair: Jeanne Huey
Board Advisor: Mary Scott
Staff Liaison: Marcela Mejia


Co-Chair: Marcus Fettinger
Co-Chair: Grayson Linyard
Co-Chair: Daniel O'Brien
Co-Chair: Anjulie Ponce
Co-Vice Chair: Shaun Hassett
Co-Vice Chair: Trevor Lawhorn
Co-Vice Chair: Chrys Meador
Co-Vice Chair: Breana Rosenbaum
Board Advisor: Kathryne "Kate" Morris
Staff Liaison: Shawna Bush

Memorial & History

Chair: John Alan Goren
Co-Vice Chair: Mary Ann Beaty
Co-Vice Chair: Mike McGaughran
Board Advisor: Jonathan Childers
Staff Liaison: Yedenia Hinojos

Minority Participation

Chair: Elsa Manzanares
Co-Vice Chair: Jason Boatright
Co-Vice Chair: Erika Fadel
Board Advisor: Rocio Garcia Espinoza
Staff Liaison: Kimberly Watson

Mock Trial

Chair: Stephen Gwinn
Co-Vice Chair: Brian Benitez
Co-Vice Chair: Sarah Flournoy
Co-Vice Chair: Tasha James
Co-Vice Chair: Brad Johnnson
Co-Vice Chair: Allison Reppond
Co-Vice Chair: Taylor Robertson
Board Advisor: Hon. Martin Hoffman
Staff Liaison: Melissa Garcia

Morris Harrell Professionalism

Chair: Amber Reece
Co-Vice Chair: Andrew Jones
Co-Vice Chair: Ruth Mitchell
Board Advisor: Amy M. Stewart
Staff Liaison: Kathryn Zack

Peer Assistance

Co-Chair: David Baker
Co-Chair: Terry Bentley Hill
Vice Chair: Kelly Rentzel
Board Advisor: Sakina Foster
Staff Liaison: Sherri Evans

Pro Bono Activities

Chair: Katherine Weber
Vice Chair: Raechel Parolisi
Board Advisor: Charles Gearing
Staff Liaison: Michelle Alden

Public Forum/Media Relations

Chair: Keith Pillers
Co-Vice Chair: Elsa Manzanares
Co-Vice Chair: Nigel Wheeler
Board Advisor: Cheryl Camin Murray
Staff Liaison: Jessica Smith


Co-Chair: Carl Roberts
Co-Chair: Andy Jones
Co-Vice Chair: James Deets
Co-Vice Chair: Beth Johnson
Board Advisor: Karen McCloud
Staff Liaison: Jessica Smith

Senior Lawyers

Chair: Douglas Lang
Vice Chair: Jerry Alexander
Board Advisor: Jason Shyung
Staff Liaison: Marcela Mejia

Summer Law Intern Program

Co-Chair: Ashley Cummings
Co-Chair: Alisa Richman
Co-Chair: Valinda Wolfert
Co-Vice Chair: Alison Battiste
Co-Vice Chair: Joshua Sandler
Board Advisor: Javier Perez
Staff Liaison: Melissa Garcia
Staff Liaison: Kathryn Zack