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The DBA has 30 Sections covering numerous issues important to DBA members. The following sections are available for DBA Members to join at minimal costs. Click here for Section descriptions. For more information, or to join a Section, log in here and select "Join a Section" under Quick Links, or contact membership@dallasbar.orgClick the name below to email an officer of the Section. Click the Section name below to access the E-Community (must be a member of the Section to access).

Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Chair:  Sharon Corsentino
Vice Chair: Barry Wernick
Secretary: Sharmeen Ladhani 
Treasurer: Frances Smith
Board Advisor: Amy M. Stewart

Antitrust & Trade Regulation Section

Chair: Thomas York
Secretary: Olivia Adendorff
Treasurer: Ken Carroll
Board Advisor: Bill Mateja

Appellate Law Section

Chair: Kirsten Castaneda
Vice Chair: Chris Kratovil
Secretary: Katherine Elrich
Treasurer: Christina Nason
Board Advisor: Isaac Faz

Bankruptcy & Commercial Law Section

Chair: Liz Boydston
Vice Chair: Jason Kathman
Secretary: Fareed Kaisani
Treasurer: Megan Clontz
Board Advisor: Aaron Tobin

Business Litigation Section

Chair: Brian Lauten
Vice Chair: Will Snyder
Secretary: Scott Stolley
Treasurer: Carol Payne
Board Advisor: Hon. Martin Hoffman

Collaborative Law Section

Chair: Raechel Parolisi
Vice Chair: Anita Savage
Secretary: Kate Mataya
Treasurer: Zachary Kafoglis
Programs Chair: Kyle Basinger
Board Advisor: Rob Canas

Construction Law Section

Chair: Justin Holt
Vice Chair: Stewart Shurtleff
Secretary: John Slates
Treasurer: Kristen Sherwin
Board Advisor: Amy M. Stewart

Corporate Counsel Section

Chair: Stanton Eigenbrodt
Vice Chair: Van Jolas
Secretary: Jane McBride
Treasurer: William Swart
Board Advisor: Stephanie Gause Culpepper

Criminal Law Section

Chair: Jennifer Falk
Vice Chair: Messina Madson
Secretary/Treasurer: Kristen Beckman
Board Advisor: Hon. Tina Clinton

Employee Benefits/Executive Compensation Section

Chair: Lindsay Murphy
Vice Chair: Jason Luter
Secretary: Chris Kang
Treasurer: Misty Leon
Board Advisor: Vicki Blanton

Energy Law Section

Chair: Collin Lensing
Vice Chair: Michael Frye
Secretary: TBD
Treasurer: Matthew Johnson
Board Advisor: Jonathan Childers

Entertainment, Art & Sports Law Section

Chair: Adam Litwin
Vice Chair: Andrea Perez
Secretary: Thomas Maddrey
Treasurer: Marc Taubenfeld
Board Advisor: Krisi Kastl

Environmental Law Section

Chair: Jacob Gallegos
Vice Chair: James Richards
Secretary: Matt Trawick
Treasurer: Alexis Swanzy 
Program Chair: Jay Przyborski
Board Advisor: Koi Spurlock

Family Law Section

Chair: Ebony Rivon
Vice Chair: Hunter Lewis
Secretary: John Withers, Jr.
Treasurer:  Adam Seidel
Board Advisor: Rob Canas

Franchise Law & Distribution Section

Chair: Farheen Ibrahim
Vice Chair: Taylor Robertson
Secretary: Uanna Alves
Treasurer: Justin Cho
Board Advisor: Lindsey Rames

Government Law Section

Chair: Christopher Klement
Vice Chair: Carolyn Matthis
Secretary: Michelle D'Andrea
Treasurer: Gary McDonald
Board Advisor: Mary Walters

Health Law Section

Chair: Brandee Todd
Vice Chair: Martin Merritt
Secretary: Grant Teegarden
Treasurer: Jody Rudman
Board Advisor: Cheryl Camin Murray

Immigration Law Section

Chair: Jenna Carl Jabara
Vice Chair: Michelle Alonzo
Secretary: Daniele Volfe
Treasurer: Carrie Nguyen
Board Advisor: Monica Lira Bravo

Intellectual Property Law Section

Chair: Scott Hemingway
Vice Chair: Robert H. Johnston III
Secretary: David Taylor
Treasurer: Dyan House
Board Advisor: Andrew Spaniol

International Law Section

Chair: Andrea Almeida
Vice Chair: Martin Camp
Secretary: Patrick Canon
Treasurer: Eugenia Ponce
Board Advisor: Monica Lira Bravo

Labor & Employment Law Section

Chair: Simon Whiting
Vice Chair: Sandra Lauro
Secretary: Rob Wiley
Treasurer: Ashley Tremain
Board Advisor: Bill Richmond

Mergers and Acquisitions Section

Chair: Louis Matthews
Vice Chair: Thomas Yang
Secretary: Alex Robertson
Treasurer: Kyle Park
Board Advisor: Sakina Foster

Probate, Trusts & Estates Section

Chair: Shannon Guthrie
Vice Chair:  Chad McLain 
Secretary/Treasurer: David Mead
​Program Chair: Brandy Baxter-Thompson
Board Advisor: Hon. Audrey Moorehead

Real Property Law Section

Chair: Jeanne Katz
Vice Chair: Kathleen Kilanowski
Secretary: Ashlie Alaman
Treasurer/Board Advisor: Rocio Garcia Espinoza

Science & Technology Law Section

Chair: Anand Varadarajan
Vice Chair: Kate Morris
Secretary: Jamie Sorley
Treasurer: Sorana Ban
Board Advisor: Lindsey Rames

Securities Section

Chair: Evan Singer
Vice Chair: Elizabeth Brandon
Secretary: Michael Pritchard
Treasurer: Michael Stockham
Program Chair: Taza Asif
Board Advisor: Bill Mateja

Solo & Small Firm Section

Chair: Harry Loung
Vice Chair: James Creedon
Secretary/Treasurer: Sharita Blacknall
Board Advisor: Kate Kilanowski

Tax Section

Chair: Todd Keator
Vice Chair: Labry Welty
Secretary/Treasurer: Nathan Smithson
Board Advisor: Justin Gobert

Tort & Insurance Practices Section

Chair: Paul Stafford
Vice Chair: Craig Reese
Secretary: Jennifer Johnson
Treasurer: Hamp Moody
Board Advisor: Kate Kilanowski

Trial Skills Section

Chair: Aimee Fagan 
Vice Chair: Alex Harrell
Secretary: Natalie Arbaugh
Treasurer: Julie Pettit
Board Advisor: Mary Scott