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DBA Community Day of Service/Project Community 2020

Save the date! October 17, 2020

Ways to Participate

Join The DBA Community Involvement Committee for the 6th Annual DBA Day of Service on Saturday, October 17, 2020. This initiative is designed to encourage DBA members, their colleagues and families to participate in various community service projects. The DBA Day of Service also helps encourage volunteering and positive relationships between attorneys and those in the Dallas community. Here are ways that you, your group, or your family can participate in the DBA Day of Service:

Volunteer for a Project

Click here to sign up to volunteer! - Coming Soon!

Find a DBA Day of Service project by visiting the online form, and you will be able to search available service projects. Once you have found one, you can register for the project directly through the online form (Coming Soon!). The Project Chair will be in contact with you to provide more information.

Help Organize a Project

First get in touch with the DBA Community Involvement Committee Co-Chairs, Beth Johnson or Chelsie Spencer, or the DBA staff liaison Grecia Alfaro to let them know you want to help. Information on how to organize a project and other resources can be found on our FAQ page.

Explore More Ways to Volunteer with the DBA

Many of our DBA Day of Service projects are part of ongoing service efforts by the Community Involvement Committee and the DBA has a variety of ways in you can expand your service to others and to the DBA. Click here to view a listing of current volunteer opportunities.