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Law Day

Click here for the history of Law Day

Congratulations to our 2018 Law Day Art & Essay Winners!


Announcing the 2019 Law Day Theme! Click here to participate.

For more information about Law Day, click here.
Law Day 2019 Entry Form, click here.
Law Day 2019 Planning Guide, click here


In celebration of Law Day, the Dallas Bar Association encourages all Dallas ISD schools to participate in this fun, education contest. Classrooms are encouraged to dive into the theme and discover our common heritage of freedom under the rule of law. Winners receive awards and prizes and first place winners will be invited to the Dallas Bar Association Law Day Luncheon. The contest deadline is Friday, March 8, 2019. The contest categories are as follows:

2019 Law Day Contest Forms

Art Poster Contest – Grades K-5

Essay Contest – Grades 6-8

Photography Contest – Grades 6-12

Editorial Contest - Grades 9-12


Date: 2019date TBD, 10:00 a.m.-Noon at the George Allen, Sr. Courthouse

The Mock Voir Dire is an interactive legal activity that familiarizes students with their 7th Amendment right to jury trial in certain civil cases. It allows children to see the roles of judges, lawyers and juries in the justice system. Impressing on citizens the importance of service through the process of jury duty;

Most importantly, it provides insight into what a career in law might be like. Giving the children the opportunity to see what being a lawyer or a judge would be like.

The Mock Voir Dire fulfills the ideals of Law Day at its core. Sign up to help your students better understand the legal issues surrounding jury selection, today!

More information coming soon!

Congratulations Law Day 2018 Winners!

The Law Day Contest is open to Dallas ISD students only. All entries will be displayed at the Dallas Bar Association 2018 Law Day Luncheon.

2018 1st Place Art & Photography Winners:

Evelyn Rojas, 4th Grade, Obadiah Knight Elementary
DBA 1st Place, Art, K-5th

Monserat Perez, 7th Grade, Sam Tasby Middle School
DBA 1st Place, Photography, 6th-8th; SBOT 1st Place, 6th-8th

Omer Moran, 11th Grade, David W. Carter High School
DBA 1st Place, Photography, 9th-12th

Past Contest Winners