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Renting the Building

The beautiful and historic Belo Mansion is owned by the Dallas Bar Foundation and is headquarters for the Dallas Bar Association. It is available for all bar activities. Attorneys an also rent Belo for personal events such as weddings. The Belo Mansion is one of the finest bar association facilities in the country. You can enjoy a reasonably prices lunch and other catered events at many bar meetings and activities throughout the year. The Belo Mansion also boasts its newest addition, known as the Pavilion at The Belo Mansion. It connects to the back of the existing Belo Mansion by a beautiful large glass atrium. The 20,000 square foot Pavilion includes a large ballroom, which can be divided into four large meeting rooms, an attractive gallery, a large kitchen, which can accommodate any event, an outdoor terrace which overlooks the Nasher Sculpture Center, and many other amenities. The Belo also has four levels of underground parking.

For more information on renting a meeting room or other catering event, contact the catering office at (214) 220-0239 or visit their website at https://www.belomansion.com.