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Judicial Profiles

Below are the Judicial Profiles (in alphabetical order) that have been printed in Headnotes throughout the years. As new profiles are published, they will be added to the list below. For more information, please contact Jessica SmithHeadnotes editor.

Judge   Court Name   Date of Profile
Judge Don Adams   Criminal District Court No. 2   Aug. 2007
Judge Manny Alvarez   Criminal District Court No. 5   June 2000
Judge Keith Anderson   County Criminal Court No. 9   May 2003
Judge Phil Barker   County Criminal Court 6   July 2002
Judge Jane Boyle   U.S. Magistrate   February 2001
Justice David Lee Bridges   5th District Court of Appeals   April 1997
Judge Jerry Buchmeyer   Northern District of Texas   April 2002
Judge Tena Callahan   302nd Family District Court   December 2008
Judge Roberto Canas   County Criminal Court No. 10   October 2008
Judge Danny Clancy   Co. Criminal Court No. 1   March 2000
Judge Jeff Coen   254th Family District Court   July, 2003
Judge John Creuzot   Criminal District Court No. 4   March 2002
Judge Elizabeth Crowder   County Criminal Court No. 7   August 1998
Judge Vickers Lee Cunningham Sr.   Co. Criminal Court No. 8   January 1998
Judge Vickers Lee Cunningham Sr.   283rd District Court   June 2002
Judge Nikki Towry DeShazo   Probate Court   June 2006
Judge David Evans   193 District Court   May 1999
Judge Steven A. Felsenthal   U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas   January 2002
Judge David Finn   County Criminal Court No. 10   November 1999
Judge King Fifer   County Court No. 2   July 2011
Judge Joe Fish       March 2001
Justice Kerry FitzGerald   5th District Court of Appeals   January 2001
Judge Elizabeth Frizell   Dallas County Criminal Court #11   December 2010
Judge Craig Fowler   255th District Court   January 1999
Justice Molly Francis   Court of Appeals Fifth District of Texas   May 2002
Judge Dennise Garcia   303rd District Court.   March 2007
Judge David Gibson   County Court at Law No. 1   June 1999
Judge David C. Godbey   Northern District of Texas   February 2000
Judge Brenda Garrett Green   256th District Court   November 2000
Judge Mark Greenberg   Dallas County Civil District Court   July 2001
Judge Mark Greenberg   Dallas County Court at Law No. 5   March 2004
Judge Harlin D. “Cooter” Hale   U.S. Bankruptcy Court   July 2006
Judge Gary Hall   68th District Court   September 1998
Judge Merrill Hartman   192nd District Court   December 2003
Judge Susan Hawk   291st Criminal District Court   May 2004
Judge Catharina Haynes   191st District Court   July 1999
Judge Barbara Houser       May 2000
Judge Jeanine Howard   Criminal District Court No. 6   October 2011
Judge Tom James   Fifth Court of Appeals   June 2001
Judge Bob Jenevein   County Court At Law No. 3   September 1999
Judge Stacey G.C. Jernigan   U.S. Bankruptcy Court   July 2010
Judge Faith Johnson   363rd Criminal District Court   May 2001
Judge Karen Gren Johnson   95th District Court   November 2001
Judge Richard Johnson   303rd Family District Court   November 2002
Judge Dianne Jones   County Criminal Court No. 11   September 2001
Judge Jim Jordan   160th District Court   November 2011
Judge Jeff Kaplan   Fifth District Court of Appeals   February 2003
Judge Margaret Keliher   44th District Court   August 1999
Judge Sharon Keller   Court of Criminal Appeals   April 2003
Master David Kelton   Civil Court Master   August 2000
Justice Douglas S. Lang   Fifth District Court of Appeals   March 2013
Justice Elizabeth Lang-Miers   Fifth District Court of Appeals   April 2008
Judge Marilea Lewis   330th District Court   December 2004
Judge Sam Lindsay   U.S. District Judge   October 1998
Judge Carlos Lopez   116th Judicial District Court   October 2002
Judge Joe Loving, Jr.   Probate Court No. 3   December 1998
Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn   Northern District of Texas   December 2001
Justice Amos Mazzant   Fifth Court of Appeals   October 2007
Judge Lana McDaniel   203rd District Court   September 2000
Judge Robert McGuire   Bankruptcy Court   October 2000
Judge Michael Miller   Probate Court No. 3   February 2009
Justice Jim Moseley   5th District Court of Appeals   March 1999
Judge Mary Murphy   14th District Court   August 2001
Judge Mark Nancarrow   204th Criminal District Court   April 1998
Judge John Nelms   195th District Court   July 2004
Judge Reed C. O'Connor   U.S. District Judge   November 2008
Justice Michael J. O'Neill   5th District Court of Appeals   April 1999
Judge John Ovard   First Administrative Judicial Region   December 2000
Judge Jay Patterson   101st District Court   November 1998
Judge John Peyton   County Court at Law No. 2   August 2002
Judge Robert E. Price   Probate Court No. 2   September 2003
Judge Lorraine Raggio   162nd Civil District Court   July 2007
Judge Irma Ramirez   U.S. Magistrate Judge   September 2007
Judge Susan Rankin   301st District Court   July 2000
Judge Bill Rhea   162nd District Court   October 2003
Judge Brenda T. Rhoades   United States Bankruptcy Court   July 2007
Justice Martin E. Richter   Fifth District Court of Appeals   February 2002
Judge Jane Roden   County Criminal Court No. 8   March 2003
Judge William Sanderson   U.S. Magistrate   August 2003
Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon   305th District Court   January 2000
Judge John Sholden   304th District Court   January 2004
Judge M. Kent Sims   District Judge   September 2006
Judge Doug Skemp   County Criminal Court Number 3   April 2011
Judge Craig Smith   192nd District Court   September 2008
Judge Jorge Solis   U.S. District Court   September 2010
Judge Paul D. Stickney   Federal Magistrate Judge   June 1998
Judge Charles Stokes   County Court-at-Law No. 5   May 1998
Judge Charles A. Stokes   68th District Court   February 2004
Judge Ralph Taite   Dallas County Criminal Court at Law #4   September 2002
Chief Justice Linda Thomas   Fifth District Court of Appeals   January 2003
Magistrate Judge Renee Harris Toliver   Northern District of Texas   May 2013
Judge Kristin Wade   Co. Criminal Crt. of Appeals 1   October 1999
Judge Janice Warder   Criminal District Court   February 1999
Justice Mark Whittington   Fifth District Court of Appeals   April 2000
Judge Chris Wilmoth   County Probate Court No. 2   December 2012
Judge Bruce Woody   County Court at Law No. 4   July 1998
Justice Carolyn Wright   Fifth District Court of Appeals   April 2001


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