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DBA 100 Club


The Dallas Bar Association 100 Club is a special membership recognition category that reflects a commitment to the advancement of the legal profession and the betterment of the community. To become a member of the DBA 100 Club, every attorney in your Dallas office must be a member of the Dallas Bar Association.

Firms, government agencies and law schools with two or more lawyers, as well as corporate legal departments that become a DBA 100 Club member will be:

  • Listed in Headnotes in our June, July and August editions (depending on date that list of attorneys is received)
  • Listed in the 2022 DBA Pictorial Directory
  • Recognized at the DBA Annual Meeting in November

This is the perfect time to encourage your newly hired attorneys to join the DBA and take advantage of our many member benefits—such as Online CLE, 400 FREE CLE programs offered each year, 30 substantive law Sections, numerous networking opportunities and community projects, plus many other member benefits as well as the opportunity to qualify for the DBA 100 Club.

The DBA 100 Club is open for renewal annually to every firm. We do not automatically renew a firm’s membership due to changes in firm rosters from year to year, even if the firm only has two attorneys. Please submit a request to our Membership Department for consideration.

To become a DBA 100 Club member, please submit your request via email including a list of all lawyers in your Dallas office to Shawna Bush. We will verify your list with our membership records and once approved, your firm will be added to the DBA 100 Club membership list!

Click here to view the members of the 2021 DBA 100 Club

(As seen in the August 2021 Headnotes.)

Send in your list TODAY!

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