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Vendor Opportunities with the DBA

Contact Rhonda Thornton, 214-220-7403, to get started.

1. Sponsor DBA-Content Webinar ($500)

Opportunity for promote company brand through existing, DBA-produced webinars

  • Sponsor name and weblink on DBA calendar/event page on DBA website
  • Sponsor name and weblink on marketing promos for webinar
  • PowerPoint slide with sponsor logo and sponsor-provided text that will bedisplayed as attendees log on, before the webinar begins
  • Sponsor mentioned in chat box at the beginning of the webinar
  • Option to select webinar from list of topics (based on availability)
  • Webinar may be added to the DBA Online CLE catalog and available toview for 1 year
  • Mailing labels to send thank-you/follow-up communication to attendees

2. Premium Vendor ($2,500)

3. Preferred Vendor Directory ($2,000)

  • Sponsor name, weblink, and contact info added to DBA website Preferred Vendor Directory (by category)
  • Listing for one calendar year
  • Listing in a PDF sent out to all members quarterly
  • Listing promoted on DBA social media accounts
  • Available as Add-ons
       i. Rotating banner on top of Preferred Vendor Directory page ($500)
       ii. One Native Marketing Blurb in DBA online enewsletter ($1,000)

4. Present Your CLE to Our Members ($2,000)

  • Pre-approved webinar provided free to DBA members
  • Added to DBA calendar available to more than 10,000 DBA members
  • Sponsor provides content, link, SBOT approved CLE course number, and platform (able to track registrants)