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Legal Secretarial/Paralegal Placement Service

Looking for a Legal Secretary, Legal Assistant, or Paralegal? Are you a Legal Secretary, Legal Assistant, or Paralegal looking for a job?

The Dallas Bar Association provides an informal free service to its members by providing Legal Assistant, Legal Secretarial, and Paralegal resumes to attorneys seeking to fill these positions.

This member benefit service operates as follows:

  • Applicants for secretarial positions are asked to completed a standard skills form and attach it to their resume.
  • Legal Assistants and Paralegals are asked to provide their resume to the DBA.
  • The Legal Assistant, Secretarial, and Paralegal information is kept on file in the Dallas Bar office for a period of one month from the date of receipt.
  • Resumes are sent to Dallas Bar members upon request for a one-month period. Attorneys wishing to receive resumes for a longer period of time must advise the Dallas Bar Association.

How it works for attorneys seeking to hire:

When attorneys make inquiries regarding secretarial, legal assistant, or paralegal prospects, they are emailed a copy of all the resumes at that time, irrespective of desired qualifications. It is then the responsibility of each attorney to contact the secretarial, legal assistant, or paralegal applicant of their choosing. Resumes are emailed to attorneys for a one-month period.

If you wish to receive a packet of resumes, contact Grecia Alfaro or call (214) -220-7400.

**Resumes are distributed only to inquiring attorneys who are members of the Dallas Bar Association.

How it works for Legal Secretaries, Legal Assistants, and Paralegals seeking positions:

If you are seeking a legal secretary position, click here to obtain the standard skills form. Return the completed form with your resume to the address below. 


If you are seeking a legal assistant or paralegal position forward your resume to the address below.

Dallas Bar Association
Attention: Grecia Alfaro
2101 Ross Avenue 
Dallas, Texas  75201

**For those secretaries, legal assistants, and paralegal presently employed, every effort is made to keep resumes confidential with respect to current employers, if so requested.

**The Dallas Bar Association cannot guarantee a secretary, legal assistant, or paralegal a specific distribution nor will an individual record be kept of the firms receiving resumes.

Since this is a free service, please be considerate of the absence of personal, individual attention. It is our desire to effectively accommodate the greatest number of attorneys, legal secretaries, legal assistants, and paralegals as possible.