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What is Law Day?

The Dallas Bar Association celebrates the importance of law and its impact on our nation and local communities by hosting essay, photo, and poster contests for DFW area students based on the American Bar Association Law Day yearly theme. 

Why Participate?

This Fun Educational Tool Aids in Teaching Students about the Law. Winners Receive Prizes and Awards!

2021 Law Day Contests:

The Law Day 2021 theme is “Advancing the Rule of Law Now.” All entries must address the prompt:

“What, if any, steps do you feel still need to be taken to improve upon the rule of law to make it more fair and just for all?"

What is the Rule of Law?
The rule of law is a set of principles, or ideals, for ensuring an orderly and just society. Click here to learn more.


  • Art Poster Contests - Grades K-8
  • Essay Contest - Grades 6-8
  • Photography Contests - Grades 6-12

 Deadline: Wednesday, March 24, 2021. 

For more information about Law Day, click here
Law Day 2021 Informational Flyer, click here.
Online Contest Entry Form, click here

2021 Law Day Contest Forms:

Art Poster Contest – Grades K-8

Essay Contest – Grades 6-8

Photography Contest – Grades 6-12